UAE Global Village Unveils Spectacular New Year Eve Surprises

Global Village, renowned as one of the world's significant cultural parks and a leading family destination, has unveiled its distinctive New Year celebrations, promising an enchanting experience for visitors.

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Seven Celebrations, One Destination

The iconic venue is inviting families and guests to partake in its New Year celebrations, spanning seven countdowns aligning with the New Year festivities in seven countries globally. The festivities kick off on the main stage with dazzling fireworks, commencing the countdown to the New Year in China at 8 p.m., Thailand at 9 p.m., Bangladesh at 10 p.m., India at 10:30 p.m., and Pakistan at 11 p.m. The grand culmination will be marked as the clock strikes midnight in the Emirates and concludes with celebrations in Turkey at one o'clock after midnight.

Beyond the Clock Strikes

Beyond the chronological benchmarks, Global Village provides visitors with an array of entertainment options, amazing fireworks displays, and a singular chance to experience more than ninety different cultures. Global Village strives to create immersive family experiences, transporting guests to a realm of enchantment. It does this by offering more than 3,500 retail stores, 250 different food options, artistic performances by artists from over 40 countries, and a wide range of rides and entertainment locations.

Extended hours for festive fun

Starting at 4 p.m., Global Village is open until 1 a.m. on December 24 through December 30. Working hours conclude at two in the morning on December 31. Women and their families are the only ones allowed admission during this time. With this special admission, guests can enjoy the festivities of the New Year as hosted by Global Village.

Immersive family experiences

With a commitment to providing immersive family experiences, Global Village ensures that visitors can savor the joy of diverse celebrations, cultural exploration, and memorable moments as they bid farewell to the current year and welcome the new one.

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