Dubai introduces RTA Auction of 90 Unique License Plates on December 30

Unique licence plates with 90 available combinations, including two-, three-, four-, and five-point numerals, have been released by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

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Special numerals like AA30, T64, O48, AA555, X33333, V2222, and Y200 stand out among them. For the year 2023, the RTA will have its final public event at this auction.

Auction Details

The auction is scheduled for Saturday, December 30th, with registration starting on Monday, December 25th. The event will take place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Dubai, beginning at 4:30 pm. To participate, interested individuals can visit the RTA website.

Registration Options

Participation in the auction is not limited to physical presence; registration is also available on the RTA website (, the Dubai Drive application, or at customer happiness centers in Umm Ramool, Deira, and Al Barsha. Due to limited availability, pre-registering is recommended, with on-site registration beginning at 2:00 pm on the day of the auction.

Auction Requirements

Buyers in the Emirate of Dubai are required to have a traffic file in order to participate in the auction. Furthermore, a twenty-five thousand dirham security deposit (payable to the relevant authority) and a one hundred twenty dirham non-refundable subscription charge are mandatory. You may pay with your credit card using the Dubai Drive app or on the website.

Important Notes

A 5% value-added tax will be applied to the sale of numbers. The auction serves as an opportunity for individuals to secure unique vehicle plates and contribute to the RTA's initiatives.

The goal of the RTA is to make the procedure easier and more convenient for participants, therefore they've made it possible to pre-register and offer numerous ways to register. In this, the last auction of the year, you have the opportunity to purchase a unique licence plate for your car.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced its plans to offer unique vehicle plates, including two-, three-, four-, and five-point numbers, in its final auction for the year 2023. Notable among these are special numbers such as AA30, T64, O48, AA555, X33333, V2222, and Y200.

Auction Schedule and Venue

The Dubai Grand Hyatt Hotel will host the auction on Saturday, December 30th at 4:30 pm. Online registration will be available beginning Monday, December 25th. The Dubai Drive app, the RTA website (, or specific customer happiness centres in Umm Ramool, Deira, or Al Barsha are some of the places where participants may join up.

Limited Availability and Pre-Registration

Considering the limited number of available tickets, the RTA encourages participants to pre-register for the auction, with on-site registration starting at 2:00 pm on the day of the event. This approach aims to streamline the registration process and ensure a fair distribution of the unique vehicle plates.

Auction Requirements

Anyone in possession of a Dubai traffic file is eligible to bid in the auction. In addition, there is a non-refundable subscription fee of 120 dirhams and a security deposit of 25,000 dirhams that must be paid to the relevant government. You may pay using a credit card by using either the website or the Dubai Drive app.

Value-Added Tax and Unique Opportunities

A 5% value-added tax will be applied to the sale of numbers. The auction presents a unique opportunity for individuals to acquire distinctive vehicle plates and contribute to the RTA's initiatives.

By providing multiple registration options and encouraging pre-registration, the RTA aims to enhance the overall participant experience, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for all involved. Don't miss the chance to secure a unique vehicle plate in the RTA's final auction of the year.

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