UAE declares Dubai Historic District Transformation with Sikka Festival

The Sikka Art and Design Festival has brought life to the once-deserted Al Shindagha neighborhood of Dubai, drawing in artists and art lovers from all over the world.

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Presenting its twelfth edition, the festival features more than 500 artists from the local, regional, and international scenes, with the goal of establishing a cutting-edge venue that honours several artistic mediums and both well-known and up-and-coming artists from the GCC and the United Arab Emirates.

Among the myriad of exhibits, Emirati artist AlZaina Lootah shines with her captivating installation prominently displayed in front of Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum's Majlis. Crafted in collaboration with architect Abdalla Almulla, the installation features meticulously stacked wooden planks forming a dual circular pattern, conveying a message inspired by Dubai's maritime heritage and economic history.

AlZaina's vision includes placing a majlis at the installation's core, creating an engaging ambiance that appeals to observers from all angles. Another highlight of the festival is the 'Black Iris Collection' by Majd Habashneh, a Jordanian artist residing in Dubai. Inspired by Jordan's national flower, Habashneh's collection intricately blends femininity and masculinity through clay-molded iris petals and a masculine face sculpture.

Visitors Alejandro and Lola, Spanish tourists enamored by the illuminated buildings across the creek, found themselves drawn to the festival's vibrant atmosphere. They ventured across the creek on an abra to immerse themselves in the creative enclave, expressing admiration for the diverse installations and designs.

For families like Jasim Hamad's, the festival offers a perfect weekend outing, complete with delectable food stalls and captivating artistry. Musical performances by an orchestra further enhance the festival's charm, captivating audiences with melodious tunes. Scheduled to run until March 3, the Sikka Art and Design Festival promises a rich programme featuring exhibitions, workshops, talks, and other cultural activities, ensuring visitors an enriching cultural experience.

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