UAE court sentences four to prison and deportation over visa fraud case

A group of four individuals of Arab nationality found themselves ensnared in a deceitful scheme orchestrated by a fellow countryman who presented himself as an intermediary promising European visas.

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Deceptive Intermediary and False Promises

The fraudulent agent convinced the families of these four individuals that he could secure residence visas for them, allowing them to travel and settle in Europe. Despite their initial suspicion of the dubious documents he provided, their naivety led them to pay one thousand euros each for the promised visas.

Arrest at Dubai Airport and Legal Proceedings

When the four people tried to board their flight to Europe and were caught at Dubai Airport, the unfortunate trip took a turn for the worst. They were then charged with something about their involvement in the use of false documents. The Public Prosecution initially heard the matter, and then the Misdemeanour Court. Afterwards, all four of them received sentences of one month in jail and state deportation.

Mastermind’s Illegal Operation Unveiled

The court revealed that the fifth accused masterminded the scheme, exploiting his notoriety among his community abroad. He enticed individuals in European countries to engage in his fraudulent activities, offering to provide false visas for their relatives residing in their home country. The four defendants, lured by the promise of visas, met the fifth in Dubai, paid one thousand euros each, and handed over their passports for visa processing.

Forged Visas and Airport Arrest

Five days later, the defendants returned to find, to their surprise, that the visas were not genuine stamps within their passports but rather suspicious exterior stickers. The truth was revealed when they were apprehended at Dubai Airport. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security examined the passports closely, confirming the fraud.

Legal Ruling and Deportation Decision

The court emphasised the three elements constituting the crime of forgery: altering a document by stipulated methods, resulting in harm to others, and criminal intent. The defendants, admitting their involvement, deceived immigration officers, causing potential harm. Considering the seriousness of the crime and the likelihood of reoffending, the court sentenced them to one month's imprisonment and subsequent deportation from the state.

Appeal and Upholding of the Verdict

The defendants first filed an appeal of the first-instance ruling, but they later withdrew it, and the Court of Appeal upheld the court's decision. Participants in the illicit visa programme were held accountable for their acts, and they spent a month in jail before being deported from the country.

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