UAE court fines a man 23,000 AED for misleading Camel Sale

An Asian buyer entered into an agreement with a seller from a Gulf country to purchase four camels for a total of 22 thousand dirhams.

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Initial Agreement and Surprising Delivery

The specific camels were identified at the seller's farm, and images were sent via WhatsApp to the buyer for confirmation. However, upon receiving the camels, the buyer was astonished to discover that they were not the ones he had originally chosen.

Legal Action and Compensation Demands

The disgruntled buyer promptly took the matter to the Ras Al Khaimah Civil Court of First Instance, seeking the annulment of the sale contract and demanding the return of the paid amount. Additionally, he requested 5,000 dirhams in compensation for expenses related to the camels, including feeding, medical costs, and hiring a translator. The buyer argued that the seller's refusal to refund the amount compelled him to bear ongoing expenses for the camels.

Defendant's Defence and Court Verdict

In response to the buyer's allegations, the defendant contended that the agreement did not support the plaintiff's assertions. The seller was not required to deliver the camels with the agreed-upon qualities, according to the court, which sided with the buyer.

Court Ruling and Compensation Awarded

The Ras Al Khaimah Civil Court ruled to nullify the sales contract, obliging the defendant to reimburse the buyer 22 thousand dirhams. Furthermore, the court acknowledged the buyer's claim for compensation and awarded an additional 1,000 dirhams for damages related to litigation expenses and the care of the camels during the disputed period.

A clear breach leads to legal consequences.

In summary, the court emphasised the seller's failure to fulfil the contractual obligation, leading to the dissolution of the contract. The ruling underscored the importance of delivering the agreed-upon items and their specified characteristics. The defendant was not only compelled to refund the purchase amount but also incurred additional financial obligations for the damages caused during the legal proceedings.

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