A woman was ordered to pay 64 thousand dirhams in the UAE for buying a car with a check without balance

The court verdict in Abu Dhabi's case of a man's legal pursuit of a woman demands reimbursement for a car sale and related traffic penalties.

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Abu Dhabi Court Upholds Decision

The Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal for Family, Civil, and Administrative Suits has affirmed a verdict from a lower court, compelling a woman to pay 64,000 dirhams to a man for a car sale and associated traffic fines. The court emphasized that the appellant had forfeited the right to appeal.

The Allegations

The plaintiff sold a car to the defendant for 44,000 dirhams. Despite a signed sales contract, the defendant's check bounced, leading to a legal dispute. The plaintiff also cited traffic violations, accumulating fines totaling 40,250 dirhams, and claimed material and moral damages.

Court Verdict

The initial court decision required the defendant to pay the plaintiff 64,000 dirhams, in addition to fees and expenses.

The Appeal

Unsatisfied with the ruling, the defendant appealed, seeking an urgent halt to its implementation. She argued that a forged check, proven in a final penal ruling, supported canceling the appeal. The appellant claimed improper notification, receiving a text at an unknown number.

Response and Legal Points

The court noted the appeal's submission beyond legal deadlines, more than three years after the ruling. The appellant was deemed aware of the ruling, having raised concerns during its implementation. The inconclusive expert report on the check's signature was highlighted.

Final Ruling

The Court of Appeal affirmed the lower court's decision, stating the appellant forfeited the right to appeal. The appellant was ordered to cover fees and expenses.

This case underscores the importance of adhering to legal deadlines and proper notification procedures. The court's emphasis on forfeiting the right to appeal highlights the significance of timely legal action and adherence to procedural requirements.

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