Emirates Airlines Launches Global Recruitment Drive for 5,000 Cabin Crew Members in 2024

The Dubai-based airline Emirates is planning to employ 5,000 flight attendants in 2024 as part of its massive hiring drive.

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Emirates is set to receive 65 A350s and 205 777-9s in the near future, so this project will coincide with their arrival.

Eligibility Criteria and Focus on Fresh Graduates

To be eligible for consideration as Emirates cabin crew, candidates must fulfill several criteria, including fluency in written and spoken English (additional languages are advantageous), a minimum height requirement of 160cm, and the ability to reach 212cm. Additionally, candidates need at least one year of hospitality or customer service experience and a minimum high school (Grade 12) education. Visible tattoos while in the Emirates cabin crew uniform are not permitted.

Recruitment Drive and Global Outreach

Emirates' recruitment team is conducting open days and assessments in over 460 cities across six continents to identify suitable candidates. The focus is on individuals entering or recently entering the workforce, seeking fresh graduates with internships or part-time job experience, or those with around a year of hospitality or customer service experience.

Cabin Crew Life at Emirates

Emirates' cabin crew members enjoy a range of benefits, including a competitive, tax-free salary, flying pay, profit share eligibility, hotel stays, concessional travel and cargo, annual leave, furnished accommodation, medical, life, and dental insurance coverage, and more. The airline's cabin crew community is diverse, representing over 140 nationalities and speaking 130 languages.

Career progression and training

Cabin crew members at Emirates have opportunities for career progression, including upgrades to higher cabin classes and roles as cabin supervisors, pursers, or trainers. The airline emphasizes rigorous training for new recruits, lasting eight weeks in its state-of-the-art facility in Dubai. This training focuses on developing communication skills, initiative, leadership qualities, multicultural teamwork, and the ability to remain calm under pressure, aligning with Emirates' commitment to exceptional service and hospitality. Cabin crew members also have access to ongoing training programs and LinkedIn courses.

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