UAE Court rejects a company DH40,000 claim against resigned employee

In a recent ruling by the Abu Dhabi Family, Civil, and Administrative Claims Court, a lawsuit brought by a company against a former employee was rejected.

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The company sought 40,000 dirhams in compensation, claiming that the employee had terminated his contract prematurely and failed to return company equipment and documents. However, the court dismissed the lawsuit due to a lack of evidence supporting the transfer of sponsorship from the defendant to the plaintiff.

The lawsuit outlined the company's assertion that the employee owed them 20,000 dirhams in damages and an additional 20,000 dirhams for leaving his position prematurely. The company argued that the employee had violated the terms of his one-year contract by leaving without notice and neglecting to return company property. Additionally, they alleged that the employee breached a non-disclosure agreement by disclosing confidential company information.

In response, the court emphasized the absence of evidence confirming the execution of the employment contract or the transfer of sponsorship. Furthermore, there was no documentation indicating the defendant's departure from work or travel abroad. As a result, the court deemed the lawsuit unfounded and ruled in favor of the defendant, ordering the plaintiff to cover legal expenses.

This ruling underscores the importance of substantiating claims with concrete evidence in legal proceedings. Without sufficient documentation supporting the company's allegations, the court could not uphold their case. It serves as a reminder for companies to maintain thorough records and adhere to contractual agreements to avoid similar disputes in the future. Ultimately, the court's decision to reject the lawsuit highlights the necessity of due diligence and transparency in legal matters, ensuring fair and just outcomes for all parties involved.

Moreover, the ruling by the Abu Dhabi Family, Civil, and Administrative Claims Court signifies a victory for the defendant, emphasizing the critical role of evidence in legal proceedings and underscoring the importance of adhering to contractual obligations to prevent disputes.

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