Dubai Expo City unveils the 2024 edition of Hai Ramadan

Expo City Dubai is preparing to host residents and tourists alike for a month-long celebration of the sacred month of Ramadan with its Hai Ramadan event.

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Bursting with cultural encounters, family-friendly engagements, and delightful iftars and suhoors, Expo City Dubai aims to foster a lively and inclusive ambiance for all throughout this auspicious period.

The immersive projections at Al Wasl Plaza will captivate all visitors, adding to the enchantment of the occasion. Amna Abulhoul, Executive Creative Director of Entertainment & Experiences at Expo City Dubai, expressed excitement about welcoming people of diverse backgrounds to partake in the rich traditions of the Islamic world through the community-oriented Hai Ramadan festivities.

Children will be enchanted by the presence of Expo City mascots Rashid and Latifa, who will be featured in the theatrical production "Quest to Find the Moon" at Al Wasl Plaza. Furthermore, engaging workshops and games centered on imparting Ramadan's core values, such as empathy and generosity, will inspire children of all ages to embrace the essence of the holy month.

A diverse range of delectable cuisines and beverages will be available across the venue, with over 20 outlets and food carts offering iftars, suhoors, and Ramadan delicacies. Tailored corporate iftars, starting at AED275 per person, promise a unique dining experience for those seeking something special.

Adults may enjoy inclusive iftars at the beautiful Surreal Water feature for AED220, while children aged 6–12 can enjoy them for AED95. Indulge in a family-friendly iftar at the brand new Oasis Food Hall. Adults may start at AED150, while children ages 6–12 can enjoy it for AED90.

Additionally, Al Wasl Plaza Café will feature a special menu for iftar and suhoor. Visitors can also explore a bustling souk offering handmade crafts, traditional attire, and Ramadan-themed goods.

Children can indulge in the Grandmother's Supermarket or Dukan Yadoo, where tokens obtained from a traditional Floos Bank can be exchanged for candies. Magic Planet UAE will provide arcade gaming fun for the younger audience.

Ramadan festivities will run daily from 5 p.m. to 12 a.m. Admission is free for those with iftar and suhoor reservations, while general entry is priced at AED20 per person (children aged five and under enter for free). Tickets will be available for purchase on the PlatinumList website and at the venue soon.

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