UAE court rejects a 6 million dirham embezzlement case

The Dubai Court of Appeal has affirmed the decision of the Civil Criminal Court to dismiss a lawsuit filed by an Arab individual against his business partner.

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Civil Court Dismissal of Compensation Claim

The plaintiff sought compensation of six million and 250 thousand dirhams, alleging embezzlement of funds during their partnership.

Embezzlement Allegations and Criminal Report

The plaintiff claimed a partnership in a company dealing with heavy equipment and spare parts. Accusing his partner of embezzlement, a criminal report was filed, stating that funds were transferred to the partner's personal account and unrelated external accounts.

Accusations and counterarguments

In the Public Prosecution's investigations, the accused partner, as well as the company director, denied embezzlement. He asserted the involvement of an audit office in dispute resolution, accusing the plaintiff of withholding financial information and using funds to establish other companies.

Criminal Court Acquittal and Commercial Dispute

The criminal court acquitted the accused due to insufficient evidence and deemed the matter a commercial dispute. The civil court was considered the appropriate venue for resolution.

Civil Lawsuit and Rejection Basis

The plaintiff pursued compensation through a civil lawsuit, but the court rejected the case. The court reasoned that the criminal ruling of acquittal on embezzlement charges barred relitigating the same issue in a civil court, regardless of new evidence.

Appeal and Company Inclusion Request

The plaintiff appealed, seeking the inclusion of a new party, the company, in the lawsuit. The defendant argued against the lawsuit's acceptance, citing a lack of standing and validity. The Court of Appeal analysed the arguments and upheld the initial ruling, citing the principle of res judicata.

Defendant's Claim of Plaintiff's Evasion

The defendant asserted that the plaintiff evaded meetings with the audit office, exacerbating the dispute. This claim highlights the complexity of the partnership breakdown.

The case underscores the intricate intersection between criminal and civil proceedings and the challenges faced in resolving commercial disputes arising from allegations of financial misconduct. The legal journey reveals the delicate balance courts must strike in reconciling conflicting claims and establishing the finality of legal judgements.

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