UAE court fines two Asian men 400,000 AED for a stolen goods case

The Dubai Misdemeanour Court recently delivered verdicts in a case involving two individuals, both of Asian descent.

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The first offender was found guilty of stealing goods, including coffee and lentils, from a company's warehouse. Notably, the theft was executed with the assistance of unknowing workers. The second individual faced charges related to possessing money acquired through the theft, as the first defendant implicated him in a scheme to purchase the stolen items before fleeing the country.

The court, after careful consideration of the established facts and the Public Prosecution's investigations, revealed that the first accused seized the opportunity presented by the quietness and emptiness of the victim company's warehouse. Under the cover of darkness, the perpetrator stole 256 bags of coffee beans and over five tonnes of lentils. The stolen goods were transported using a truck owned by the second accused, who enlisted loaders unaware that they were transporting stolen items.

Police investigations confirmed the incident's authenticity, with the second accused found in possession of the stolen goods. The warehouse manager reported the disappearance of a substantial quantity of coffee and lentils, prompting police intervention. Surveillance footage showed the theft in progress, leading to the identification of the culprits and the tracking of the stolen goods.

One of the accused individuals had left the country, but the other was arrested. Investigations revealed that the second accused had bought the stolen goods without knowledge of their illegal origin. The court sentenced the thief to three months' imprisonment and deportation, and the second accused to one month's imprisonment, deportation, and a fine equivalent to the value of the stolen items.

The court's decision was based on the evidence provided, including testimony from the warehouse manager and police witnesses. The second accused's claim of innocence was refuted during public prosecution interrogations. The court found that the accused individuals had collaborated in purchasing and handling stolen goods, leading to their conviction, imprisonment, deportation, and a substantial fine.

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