UAE court fines a woman DH7,000 for threatening a man with committing a felony

The Al Ain Court of First Instance has issued a ruling requiring a woman, who had previously threatened a man with committing a felony against him, to pay him 7,000 dirhams as compensation for the moral damages he endured.

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The legal dispute unfolded when the man filed a lawsuit, seeking 51,000 dirhams in compensation for the damages he suffered due to the threats. Additionally, he demanded that the woman cover the fees and expenses of the lawsuit, along with attorney’s fees. The plaintiff contended that the defendant had threatened him with a felony, and she had been convicted of this offence in a criminal ruling. In response, the defendant argued that the accusation against her was malicious, asserting that the plaintiff had assaulted her. She requested an investigation into the incident to substantiate her claim, emphasising the absence of harm inflicted upon the plaintiff.

The court, in its ruling, clarified that the evidence presented confirmed the defendant's conviction for threatening the plaintiff, and this unlawful act formed the basis of the present lawsuit. Therefore, the court recognised the validity of res judicata regarding the common issue between criminal and civil lawsuits.

Addressing the compensation request, the court emphasised that the criminal ruling established the defendant's conviction and the resulting moral damages suffered by the plaintiff, manifested in fear and panic. The court found a causal relationship between the wrongful act and the inflicted damage, rendering the defendant legally responsible for compensating the plaintiff. Consequently, the court mandated the defendant to pay the plaintiff 7,000 dirhams as compensation and required her to cover the associated fees and expenses. All other requests made by the parties were rejected by the court.

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