UAE court fines a woman 20,000 dirhams for WhatsApp messages

The Al-Ain Court of First Instance set a significant legal precedent when it mandated that a woman compensate a man for both material and moral losses by giving him 20,000 dirhams.

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The woman used harsh language in a WhatsApp message to degrade the man during the encounter.

Compensation Demand and Criminal Conviction

The legal saga commenced when the aggrieved man initiated a lawsuit, seeking 100,000 dirhams in compensatory damages for the material and moral harm inflicted by the defendant's actions. The crux of the matter lay in the defendant's criminal conviction for hurling insults at the plaintiff via WhatsApp, laying the foundation for the man's civil compensation claim.

Judicial Scrutiny of Criminal Ruling

Delving into the evidence, the court meticulously examined the defendant's criminal conviction for using insulting language on the messaging platform. The illegal act that formed the basis of both the criminal and civil cases remained consistent, providing a robust groundwork for the plaintiff's compensation claim. The court underscored the significance of the criminal ruling, which upheld the accusations against the defendant and played a pivotal role in the subsequent civil lawsuit.

Causation and Compensation

In addressing the compensation plea, the court unequivocally established that the defendant's actions constituted a mistake, resulting in tangible harm to the plaintiff. The damages, encompassing psychological and legal distress caused by the defendant's derogatory words, were deemed substantial. Recognizing a clear causal relationship between the defendant's mistake and the resultant harm suffered by the plaintiff, the court concluded that the defendant was legally obligated to compensate the plaintiff. Consequently, the ruling decreed that the defendant must pay 20,000 dirhams in compensation to the plaintiff, in addition to covering the associated fees and expenses.

Moreover, the Al Ain Court's decision serves as a significant precedent, emphasising the legal repercussions of insulting behaviour on digital platforms and reinforcing the obligation to compensate for damages arising from such actions.

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