UAE Court Obliges Young Man to Pay 5200 AED for Friend Vehicle Violations

A youth initiated legal proceedings against a companion, alleging traffic violations and harm to a vehicle.

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Damaging Violations

The Civil Court of First Instance in Ras Al Khaimah rendered a verdict instructing the respondent to reimburse the claimant with 5,200 dirhams for the traffic infractions, inclusive of associated legal costs and expenses.

Trust Breach and Car Damage

The plaintiff entrusted his car to the defendant, a friend, for a period of two months. However, the trust was violated as the defendant caused damage to the vehicle in a traffic accident, necessitating repairs amounting to 2,185 dirhams. Additionally, during the repair period, the plaintiff incurred further costs of 700 dirhams for renting a substitute car.

Defendant's Confession and Compensation Demand

The defendant admitted to the traffic violations, acknowledging responsibility for the damages incurred. The plaintiff, aggrieved by the breach of trust and the resulting harm, demanded compensation totaling 5,200 dirhams. This sum encompassed the value of traffic violations, repair costs, and compensation for material and moral damages suffered.

Friendly Handover Turns Contentious

The plaintiff highlighted the amicable relationship between himself and the defendant, emphasising that the car was handed over with the understanding that it would be responsibly used. However, the defendant's actions, resulting in violations and damages, led to a breakdown in trust. Attempts to negotiate a resolution were futile, as the defendant refused to accept financial responsibility.

Defendant Held Liable

The civil court's ruling established that the defendant, having received the plaintiff's car for personal use, was accountable for the documented traffic violations amounting to 5,200 dirhams. A witness corroborated the traffic violations, supporting the plaintiff's claims. The court mandated that the defendant compensate the plaintiff for the specified violations and cover the legal fees and expenses associated with the lawsuit.

Moreover, the Ras Al Khaimah Civil Court's decision emphasises accountability in cases of breached trust and damage resulting from violations, underscoring the importance of upholding responsibilities in relationships involving mutual agreements.

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