UAE court fines a man over 100,000 AED for credit card misuse

A recent case saw the Dubai Misdemeanour Court convict an Arab national of embezzling money from several people.

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Conviction and Sentencing:

The ruling of the court carried severe consequences, including a month-long jail term, a fine of 100,420 dirhams, and the individual's eventual expulsion from the country.

Charges and Unauthorised Credit Card Use:

The prosecution had charged the accused with the unauthorised use of a credit card, alleging his intent to acquire money or property for himself or others while taking advantage of available services. The court initially issued a judgement in absentia against the accused. However, he contested the ruling, prompting the court to accept his objection.

Objection and Upheld Ruling:

Despite the accused's objection, the court upheld the initial ruling against him. In response, the court decided to suspend the implementation of the one-month prison sentence for a period of three years, commencing with the issuance of the final ruling. This provision allows the accused a window of time before the prison sentence takes effect, emphasising the legal process's adherence to due diligence.

Confiscation and deportation:

In addition to the imprisonment and fine, the court ordered the confiscation of the credit card and phone implicated in the fraudulent activities. Furthermore, the verdict mandated the individual's deportation from the country, signalling the severity with which the legal system addresses offences of this nature.

Legal Implications and Finality:

The case underscores the legal consequences of fraudulent actions, with the court taking a decisive stance against unauthorised credit card use and financial misconduct. The suspension of the prison sentence for three years adds a layer of procedural fairness, giving the accused an opportunity to address the legal proceedings. However, the upheld ruling and deportation order solidify the gravity of the charges and the need for accountability for financial crimes within the UAE.

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