UAE court fines an account manager 4.2 million AED for embezzlement case

In a shocking case of embezzlement, the head of accounts in a Dubai-based company capitalised on his authoritative position to pilfer a staggering sum of four million, 215 thousand, and 941 dirhams.

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Exploiting his role, the accused manipulated financial transactions, concocting a complex scheme involving fraudulent checks issued in the names of unsuspecting colleagues. This elaborate ploy unfolded over several years, casting a shadow over the company's financial integrity.

Discovery and Reporting:

The company's management unearthed the fraudulent activities after conducting a meticulous inventory process. The head of accounts, responsible for dealing with clients and handling financial transactions, had diverted substantial amounts for personal gain. The financial director, during the inventory, exposed the embezzlement and promptly reported the crimes to the authorities.

Legal Proceedings:

Following the report, the accused was referred to the Public Prosecution in Dubai. The charges included embezzling movable property entrusted to him and causing harm to the rightful owner. Subsequently, the misdemeanour court sentenced him to one-year imprisonment, imposed a fine equivalent to the embezzled amount, and ordered his deportation from the state. Despite an appeal, the Court of Appeals upheld the initial ruling.

Modus Operandi:

Investigations revealed that the accused, employed as an account manager for six years, had abused his authorization to release checks. Instead of safeguarding the company's funds, he pocketed significant sums by writing checks in the names of unsuspecting employees. The embezzled amount exceeded four million dirhams, causing considerable harm to the company's owner.

Employee Testimonies:

Colleagues, unaware of the illicit activities, were unknowingly involved in the scheme. The accused directed employees, including the company's driver, to deposit checks into his account without their knowledge of the fraudulent nature. An accountant under the defendant's management corroborated this, exposing the manipulation of checks and subsequent deposits using a bank card.

Court Proceedings and Sentencing:

During the court proceedings, the accused initially admitted to the charges but later retracted his statements, claiming the embezzled amount was invested. The court, however, dismissed his defence's request for an accounting expert, emphasising that it aimed to cast doubt on the evidence rather than deny the crime. Ultimately, the court convicted the accused, sentencing him to one year in prison, imposing a fine matching the embezzled amount, and ordering his deportation. The Court of Appeal affirmed this decision, bringing justice to the company and its owner.

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