UAE Condemns Israeli Plan to Confiscate 8,000 Dunums of Palestinian Land

The UAE has vehemently denounced the Israeli government's declaration regarding the appropriation of 8,000 dunums of land situated in the Jordan Valley area within the occupied Palestinian territory.

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The UAE stands firm in its rejection of any measures intended to alter the established historical and legal status quo in this region.

In an official statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated the UAE's unequivocal opposition to actions that contravene resolutions of international legitimacy. Such actions not only pose a threat of heightened tensions and escalation in the region but also impede the progress towards achieving peace and stability.

The Ministry emphasized the imperative of supporting all initiatives, both regional and international, aimed at advancing the Middle East peace process. It stressed the urgency of halting unlawful practices that undermine the prospect of a two-state solution and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. The UAE remains resolute in its commitment to fostering peace, justice, and upholding the rights of the Palestinian people.

Furthermore, the Ministry urged the international community to redouble its efforts in securing an immediate ceasefire to prevent further loss of life. It emphasized the importance of avoiding exacerbating the volatile situation in the occupied Palestinian territory. The UAE called for collective action to advance comprehensive and equitable peace initiatives.

The UAE's condemnation of the Israeli government's actions underscores its unwavering support for the Palestinian cause and its dedication to promoting a peaceful resolution to the longstanding conflict in the region. As a staunch advocate for peace and justice, the UAE continues to call for concerted international efforts towards achieving lasting peace and stability in the Middle East.

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