UAE: Closure of Al Mushrif Mall Butcher Shops Over Cockroach Infestation in Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Food, Fuel, and Agriculture Authority (ADFCA) issued executive closure orders against Al Amal Butchery, license number CN-4860828, and Ayham Meat Trading Butchery, branch, license number CN-4292741, situated in Al Mushrif Mall, Abu Dhabi.

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This action was taken due to their violation of Law No. 2 Final of 2008 concerning food safety in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and related regulations, which pose a risk to public health.

The authority emphasized its commitment to ensuring compliance with food safety regulations and vowed not to tolerate any breaches or violations. Both establishments were found to have committed serious violations, including mislabeling imported meat as locally sourced and infestations of cockroaches.

Additionally, Safeway supermarket, license number CN-4314510, in Khalidiya, was ordered to address several violations, notably the improper display and sale of health products that are not authorized for sale.

Special measures were imposed on these establishments, allowing them to resume operations only after rectifying the violations and meeting all necessary requirements. The closure orders will remain in effect until the violations are addressed and the reasons for closure are remedied.

The ADFCA stressed that its enforcement actions are carried out rigorously to uphold food safety standards in Abu Dhabi. It reaffirmed its supervisory role and ongoing efforts to ensure compliance with food safety regulations through regular inspections conducted by its inspectors.

The authority urged the public to report any observed violations or concerns regarding food items by contacting the Abu Dhabi Government hotline at 800-555. This enables inspectors from the ADFCA to take prompt action to safeguard the well-being of all residents in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

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