Dubai launches affordable Dh5 barbershops amidst rising salon costs

Ahmed had just completed his shift as a delivery rider in Dubai, delivering meals and orders to various residences, and it was well past midnight. But on his way home, he stopped by the barbershop next door, where he could get a shave or haircut for only Dh5.

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Previously limited to specific areas, these establishments have now proliferated across bustling neighborhoods in Karama, Al Barsha, Al Quasis, Al Nahda, and Deira, offering affordable grooming services. Over a decade ago, such budget-friendly barbershops were primarily found in certain districts like International City, Sonapur, or Al Quoz.

However, their presence has expanded, becoming ubiquitous in busy locales such as Karama, Al Barsha, Al Quasis, Al Nahda, and Deira. Despite inflation affecting prices elsewhere, these Dh5 barbershops have remained steadfast in their affordability, offering services akin to the Dh1 abra rides on Dubai Creek or the Dh1 karak chai. Although the cost of living has risen, patrons can still enjoy quality grooming services for just Dh5.

Upon entering one of these barbershops, Ahmed found it bustling with customers seeking haircuts or beard trims. The brightly lit interior and vibrant facade, adorned with bold signage proclaiming Dh5, beckoned customers in Al Barsha. Ahmed, opting for a beard shave, lauded the convenience and value, comparing it favorably to the cost of purchasing razors and shaving cream. While acknowledging that the service may not match high-end salons in meticulousness, patrons appreciate the efficiency and affordability these barbershops offer.

Mohd Raza, a Pakistani businessman who owns several Dh5 barbershops across Dubai, emphasized their broad appeal, serving a diverse clientele ranging from blue-collar workers to white-collar professionals seeking value for their money. Despite the modest price, Raza assured customers of cleanliness and adherence to sanitary standards, with regular inspections ensuring compliance.

With clear-cut roles and efficient workflows, these barbershops operate akin to assembly lines, ensuring swift and economical service delivery. Barbers like Ali Raza, serving an average of 10 to 15 customers daily, underscore the popularity of Dh5 barbershops due to their affordability. However, Ali reminds patrons to carry cash, as credit cards are not accepted.

In summary, the proliferation of Dh5 barbershops across Dubai reflects their enduring popularity among residents seeking affordable grooming services, underscoring their value proposition amidst rising living costs.

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