UAE cautions residents against fraudulent fast food advertisements, as it targets bank accounts

Restaurant owners are raising concerns about falling prey to electronic fraud through enticing advertisements circulated on various social media platforms.

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The lure of fake offers, promising substantial discounts on fast-food items, led them to make choices that ultimately resulted in financial losses.

Restaurants Targeted by Fraudulent Advertisements

Upon clicking the tempting links, the victims were directed to payment pages requesting sensitive bank information. The process involved providing an OTP number, which, unbeknownst to them, became the gateway for unauthorized withdrawals from their bank accounts.

Sharjah Police Alert

Law enforcement agencies, particularly the Sharjah Police, have issued warnings regarding the surge in electronic fraud. Fraudsters, posing as legitimate restaurants and shops, deceive customers by withdrawing significantly larger amounts than the agreed-upon prices, causing financial distress.

Victims share their stories.

Individuals like Omar Ibrahim and Ismail.A. have shared their experiences as victims of electronic fraud. After falling for seemingly genuine advertisements, they ended up facing substantial financial losses. Omar recounted a meal initially priced at 27 dirhams, resulting in a withdrawal of 2,700 dirhams, while Ismail.A. faced a staggering 30,000 dirhams withdrawal instead of the intended 30 dirhams.

Consumers pledge to verify advertisements before transactions.

In response to these incidents, affected individuals vow to exercise caution in their online transactions. The consensus is to limit requests to trusted sites and refrain from exploring new offers without verifying the authenticity of the advertisements.

Sharjah Police’s Efforts in Combating Cybercrimes

Sharjah Police's "Be Aware" platform, dedicated to raising awareness about cybercrimes, emphasizes the innovative methods employed by fraudsters. These include electronic extortion, hacking, impersonation, and fraud related to phone calls and online games. The platform offers insights into recognizing fake links and provides technical points for safe online browsing and shopping.

Fraud Techniques Revealed

The Sharjah Police emphasizes the intricate techniques used by fraudsters. They exploit fake links, convincing victims to provide bank details and secret codes, such as the CVV and OTP numbers. Once the OTP is entered, individuals find themselves victims of fraud, with amounts stolen differing from those initially advertised.

With the escalation of electronic fraud, Sharjah Police warns citizens to remain vigilant and cautious, especially in the face of evolving fraud methods. The need to verify online advertisements and adhere to secure transaction practices becomes paramount to thwart the advances of cunning cybercriminals.

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