UAE: Careem reveals rewarding captains with Umrah trips for Ramadan 2024

Careem gave all-inclusive Umrah pilgrimages ahead of Ramadan 2024 to captains who performed above average, in partnership with Umrahme and Emirates Islamic.

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The number of completed excursions and the captains' customer ratings were taken into consideration when choosing them. Emirates Islamic arranged tours of Mecca and daily spending allowances for the captains, enabling them to visit important cultural and religious sites, while Umrahme paid for travel, lodging, and visa fees. Sights seen on these tours included Masjid Al-Taneem, Al Hira Cave, Jabal Al Noor, and the Hiral Cultural District.

Mudassir Sheikha, CEO and co-founder of Careem, expressed gratitude for the generosity of Umrahme and Emirates Islamic in offering Captains this meaningful Umrah journey. He highlighted the spiritual significance of Umrah for Muslims worldwide, particularly as they prepare for Ramadan, and emphasised the importance of Sha’ban, the month preceding Ramadan, in this journey. Sheikha acknowledged captains as the backbone of Careem and underscored the company's commitment to appreciating their hard work by providing such opportunities.

Mohammed Bin Mahfouz, CEO of Umrahme, echoed the sentiments of giving during Ramadan and emphasised their commitment to honouring hardworking captains by facilitating their Umrah trip. He noted the dedication of captains to their families and the community, expressing privilege in supporting them on their spiritual journey.

Mohamed Al Hadi, Acting Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management at Emirates Islamic, highlighted the alignment of this initiative with the values of generosity and community support during Ramadan. He emphasised the bank's pleasure in contributing to Careem's thoughtful initiative, enabling deserving captains to perform Umrah.

All things considered, Careem, Umrahme, and Emirates Islamic worked together to create a collaborative effort that not only gave Captains a special spiritual experience but also demonstrated the community's kindness and support throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

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