UAE unveils criteria for student re-registration in public schools

Residents are currently able to enrol in government schools for the upcoming academic year 2024-2025, with the Emirates School Education Foundation implementing five standards for student re-enrolment.

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These criteria, outlined in a new registration manual, encompass no instances of expulsion due to disciplinary infractions, no prior re-enrollment within the same academic year, and no expulsions resulting from a felony or misdemeanour conviction.

Additionally, the student's age upon reactivation of enrollment should not exceed the maximum age stipulated for acceptance in the desired class. Those who do not meet the re-enrollment criteria will be transferred to the integrated continuing education system as per the institution's regulations.

In addition, the Foundation has declared that the registration of people in public schools for the upcoming school year, which will run from kindergarten through twelfth grade, will begin on Monday, March 4, 2024, and run until March 15 of that same year. First-time students, those transferring from private schools inside the nation, and those transferring from institutions outside the nation are all eligible to register at this time.

Emphasising the importance of adhering to the registration timeline, the Foundation underscores the need for efficient pre-planning and implementation to enhance readiness for the upcoming academic year and ensure the delivery of high-quality services meeting student and parent expectations.

During the registration process, it is crucial for parents to select a school within the student's residential area and comply with all registration conditions for educational tracks. Registration can be completed via the Foundation's website and smart application, with the option to contact the Foundation's call centre for further inquiries or technical support. Parents are urged to provide accurate data and documents for registration completion, with guardians advised to monitor the registration request progress on the service's website for any necessary attachments or documents.

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