UAE Border Security busts an infiltration attempt for two illegals

The Sharjah Ports, Customs, and Free Zones Authority (SPCFZA) recently foiled an attempt to enter the United Arab Emirates.

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Infiltration Bid Disrupted

Two people attempted to cross the border while hidden beneath the back trunks of two SUVs in little iron crates. This bold attempt was thwarted by the authorities, underscoring the meticulous measures taken to protect the country's borders.

X-ray scanners reveal concealment.

The clandestine operation was exposed through the utilisation of X-ray scanners at an undisclosed customs terminal. The scanners revealed the presence of illegal infiltrators hidden within the confined spaces under the rear bumpers of the vehicles.

Video Evidence Unveils Tight Quarters

A video shared by the SPCFZA provides a glimpse into the operation, showcasing officers dismantling the rear bumpers of the SUVs. The footage exposes the challenging conditions faced by the infiltrators, confined within 2-foot boxes with minimal room for movement.

Lack of documentation and legal action

The individuals attempting infiltration lacked any accompanying documentation. Consequently, both the drivers of the vehicles and the illegal infiltrators have been handed over to the appropriate legal authorities for further investigation and necessary actions.

Director's Concerns and Commitment

Expressing concern over infiltration attempts, Mohammed Ibrahim Al Raisi, Director of Terminals and Border Points Affairs at SPCFZA, emphasised the authorities' commitment to address such threats. He acknowledged that the UAE's significant economic and developmental progress renders it a target, necessitating robust measures to ensure national security.

Sophisticated Counter-Smuggling System

A highly developed system is run by Sharjah Customs to thwart different smuggling attempts across ports. This approach fights criminal networks that aim to jeopardise national security and civilian safety, in addition to people who attempt illegal entry.

Moreover, the successful disruption of this infiltration attempt underscores the effectiveness of the UAE's security measures at its borders. The ongoing commitment to staying ahead of evolving threats is crucial to maintaining the nation's security in the face of challenges.

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