UAE announces up to Dh100,000 fine and jail for unauthorized filming in cinemas

Despite explicit warnings before the commencement of movies, cautioning against the unauthorized capturing of images or videos, numerous individuals persist in violating copyright laws within UAE cinemas, thereby exposing themselves to severe legal consequences.

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Stringent Measures Against Unauthorized Filming in UAE Cinemas

The UAE government implemented a new legal framework with the introduction of Federal Law No. 38 of 2021 concerning copyright and neighboring rights. Enacted in January 2022, this law replaces the previous Federal Law No. 7 of 2002, addressing various aspects of copyright protection and reflecting the evolving nature of intellectual property rights.

Penalties for copyright infringement

Articles 39, 40, and 41 of Federal Law No. 38 of 2021 outline stringent penalties for copyright infringement, encompassing fines, imprisonment, and the seizure and destruction of infringing copies. Activities falling under copyright infringement include reproducing, distributing, and communicating copyrighted works without explicit permission from the copyright owner.

Illegal filming consequences

Unauthorized filming or photographing of movie scenes within UAE cinemas without the consent of copyright holders is explicitly prohibited. Such actions are classified as copyright violations, with potential penalties including fines of up to Dh100,000 and imprisonment for up to two months, as stipulated in Article 30 of the law.

Global Alignment and Commitment

The UAE's copyright law aligns with international agreements such as the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, of which the UAE became a member in 2004. This membership underscores our commitment to upholding global standards for intellectual property rights.

Age Restrictions and Vigilant Enforcement

In addition to addressing copyright concerns, UAE cinemas rigorously enforce age ratings for movie admissions. The implementation of age restrictions necessitates that cinemas verify customers' proof of age and identification documents. While there is no direct liability for underage individuals or their parents, the primary consequence is the denial of the opportunity to watch a film in the cinema. This strict enforcement underscores the UAE's commitment to maintaining age-appropriate content viewing.

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