Abu Dhabi Authority Cautions citizens and residents of 400 dirhams fine over this violation

The Abu Dhabi Police Department has issued a stern warning to motorists, emphasizing the importance of adhering to lane discipline to avoid a fine of Dh400.

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This advisory is part of the recently launched "Traffic Highlights" program, aimed at promoting road safety.

A Warning Regarding Lane Discipline from the Abu Dhabi Police Department

The Abu Dhabi Police Force Traffic signage and road markings clearly indicate which lanes are necessary, according to Mansour Rashid Al Saidi of the Abu Dhabi Police Department. Signs designating no-passing zones and road entrances and exits are examples of such indications.

Lane violations might lead to serious consequences.

While discussing the need for lane discipline in maintaining safe driving conditions, Al Saidi made the point that lane violations are a major cause of fatal accidents in Abu Dhabi. In order to ensure the safety of everyone on the road, the message serves as a reminder to all drivers to always follow the rules of the road.

Project on Traffic Highlights

The Traffic and Patrols Directorate of the Abu Dhabi Police Department, in collaboration with the Security Media Department, published episodes titled "Traffic Highlights" on various social media platforms throughout January. The Director of the Traffic Violations Collection and Follow-up Department, Colonel Musallam Mohammed Al Junaibi, emphasized that these incidents are a component of the larger endeavors to improve road safety. With this campaign, we hope to raise people's consciousness, encourage a more responsible driving culture, and make sure everyone follows the rules of the road.

Encouragement of safe driving

The "Traffic Highlights" program is in line with the goals of the Abu Dhabi Police Department to make the roadways safer. The department's goal is to foster a culture of compliance with traffic rules among Abu Dhabi citizens and motorists by increasing knowledge and promoting responsible driving behaviors.

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