UAE announces the number of US firms in Dubai commodities has increased to 679

In 2023, the Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC) experienced a surge of over 10% in the number of American enterprises registered within its international business hub, totaling 679 companies.

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This figure constitutes 45% of all American firms established in the UAE, which amounts to 1,500 companies. Recently, the center wrapped up its latest promotional campaign, dubbed "Existing for Trade," across the United States. Similar events took place in key locations such as New York, Brooklyn, and Washington, D.C., aiming to bolster the burgeoning trade and investment ties between the U.S. and the UAE.

According to a statement released by the Center, these events attracted 100 American business leaders. Speakers, alongside the DMCC delegation, emphasized the myriad opportunities available for American businesses to expand their operations in the Middle East through the Center. DMCC plays a crucial role in facilitating American companies' entry into some of the world's fastest-growing markets, with Dubai serving as a strategic starting point.

The CEO and Managing Director of DMCC, Ahmed bin Sulayem, noted that the United States continues to be a major source of foreign investment in DMCC and expressed his delight with the steady rise in American company registrations. He emphasized the Center's pleasure in being the area's top choice for American businesses looking to conduct business.

Bin Sulayem further remarked on the remarkable growth witnessed over the past year, with DMCC achieving the second-highest annual growth rate in its history. Over 60 American companies joined nearly 2,700 other international firms within the DMCC ecosystem. This surge in interest reflects substantial investments in the business district's infrastructure, notably the inauguration of Uptown Tower. Efforts are ongoing to expand and develop additional top-tier office spaces to cater to the evolving needs of new international entrants to Dubai's vibrant business landscape.

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