UAE reveals the date of the World Government Summit 2024 preliminary day

The preliminary session of the World Government Summit 2024, scheduled to commence in Dubai the day after tomorrow and run until February 14th, kicks off with the theme "Foreseeing the Governments of the Future."

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The introductory day features the Public Finance Forum for Arab Countries and the Arab Meeting for Young Leaders, drawing participation from senior officials, experts, futurists, decision-makers, thought leaders, and various international organizations.

This summit serves as a comprehensive platform, hosting over 25 heads of state and government, more than 85 international and regional organizations, 120 government delegations, and a select group of global thought leaders and experts. It facilitates discussions on major global future trends in more than 110 primary dialogues and interactive sessions. Additionally, over 200 international figures are scheduled to speak, along with more than 23 ministerial meetings and executive sessions, with over 300 ministers in attendance.

In order to address debt-related vulnerabilities and upcoming financial challenges, the Public Finance Forum's eighth session, which is being hosted by the Ministry of Finance in association with the International Monetary Fund and the Arab Monetary Fund, focuses on creating fair and effective financial policies.Four dialogue sessions form this conference, which is attended by Arab Central Bank Governors and Ministers of Finance as well as notable individuals like Dr. Fahd bin Mohammed Al Turki and Kristina Georgieva. Topics including macroeconomic trends, energy subsidy reforms, generating money from tax reforms, and creating value from public assets are all covered in these seminars.

The third edition of the Arab Young Leaders Meeting reviews significant youth initiatives, experiences, and studies across the Arab world, emphasizing empowerment, capacity building, and skill refinement. Discussions also address the role of values in promoting national identity among youth. This meeting brings together 15 young Arab ministers, more than 20 decision-makers, heads of youth institutions, and over 100 young leaders from community development organizations. The sessions cover various themes, including Zayed's ambition, values that shape the future, and emerging leaders in Saudi Arabia.

In addition, the summit has fifteen international seminars centered around the future of critical industries, which are arranged in partnership with international organizations, technological establishments, and top businesses. These discussion boards address a wide range of subjects, including artificial intelligence, global health, government services, and sustainable development objectives.

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