UAE announces Formation of the Board of Directors of Private Schools in Sharjah

The Sharjah Private Education Authority successfully concluded the third session for the formation of the Council of Directors of Private Schools in the Emirate of Sharjah.

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The meeting, chaired by Dr. Muhadatha Al Hashemi, the Chairman of the Sharjah Private Education Authority and President of the Sharjah Education Academy, included private school directors from the emirate. During this session, elections were held to choose 50% of the members for the new council.

The newly formed Board of Directors of Private Schools comprises distinguished individuals such as Asma Abu Sheikha from Al Zohour Private School, Asma Jilani from Our Private English High School (Girls), Dr. Pramod Mahajan from the Indian School in Sharjah, James Stanley Stearns from Victoria International School in Khor Fakkan, James MacDonald from West Green International School, Khadouj Ayoush from Al Nour International Private School, Dr. Raed Sobhi from Tarim American Private School, and Samar Murad from Scientific Creativity International Private School.

Other members of the council include Syed Najaf Ali Shah from the Pakistani Islamic Secondary School, Dr. Simon Saad from Al-Durrah International School, Tariq Ismail from Manarat Al-Sharjah Private School, Valerie Thompson from GEMS Westminster Private School, Majd Madi from the American School of Creative Scientific Creativity, and Wissam Ibrahim from private schools in Yarmouk.

The formation of this council is a strategic move by the Sharjah Private Education Authority to strengthen collaboration between the authority and private schools. It aims to foster the exchange of best practices and experiences, ultimately enhancing the educational and administrative systems within private schools in the emirate and improving academic outcomes.

The Council's key responsibilities include training teaching and educational staff to enhance their performance and professional competence, suggesting innovative solutions to address prevalent educational and behavioral challenges in schools, presenting and discussing successful educational experiences, and disseminating strategies aligned with the Sharjah Education Authority’s specific goals for the emirate's schools.

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