UAE cautions residents and citizens against sudden entry and change of lane

The Sharjah Police General Command has initiated a traffic awareness campaign titled "Safe Driving Motorcycles," aligning with the Ministry of Interior's traffic campaign plan.

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This campaign, set to run until the end of March, is dedicated to enhancing traffic awareness among motorcycle drivers.

According to the Sharjah Police Traffic and Patrols Department, abrupt entry and sudden lane changes are identified as significant contributors to accidents involving delivery bikes. The cumulative beneficiaries of traffic campaigns for bikers totaled 5,715 motorcycle drivers from 2021 until the conclusion of the previous year.

The comprehensive campaign incorporates a series of awareness lectures tailored for bike drivers associated with delivery companies. These sessions cover critical traffic topics aimed at bolstering security and safety on the roads. Topics include common mistakes leading to accidents, such as sudden entries and unexpected lane changes. The campaign also delves into crucial standards for achieving traffic safety and other subjects contributing to heightened awareness about adhering to traffic instructions and laws.

Sharjah Police emphasized the importance of motorcycle drivers adhering to traffic safety instructions and procedures. This entails wearing a helmet while driving, complying with specified speeds and lanes designated for motorcycles, refraining from improper overtaking, and avoiding sudden lane changes, particularly at intersections and traffic lights.

As part of the campaign's overarching goal, over 5.7 thousand motorcyclists have benefited from these awareness initiatives over the past three years. This underscores the commitment of the Sharjah Police General Command to foster a culture of responsible and safe driving among motorcycle users, ultimately contributing to a reduction in accidents and enhancing overall road safety.

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