UAE announces an initiative to strengthen economic ties with Greece

The announcement of the creation of the Greek Business Council by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, a prominent organisation within Dubai Chambers, represents a major advancement in strengthening commercial relations between Greece and Dubai.

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This council is poised to serve as a linchpin in catalysing reciprocal commercial endeavours, amplifying collaborative business prospects, and fostering improved coordination and communication channels among enterprises from both regions. Positioned as a robust platform for dialogue and the exchange of pertinent information, it endeavours to bolster the commercial bonds between the two entities.

In a landmark gathering hosted at the Dubai Chambers headquarters, the inaugural assembly of the Greek Business Council convened. Among the attendees was the Greek Ambassador to the UAE, Antonios Alexandrides. The discourse centred on strategies to bolster council membership, outline forthcoming event agendas, and explore avenues for business synergies and future collaborations with Dubai Chambers.

The strong commercial and investment connections between Dubai and Greece were highlighted by Mohammed Ali Rashid Lootah, Director General of Dubai Chambers. He emphasised that the founding of the Greek Business Council was a calculated decision meant to foster long-term relationships that would open doors to mutual growth in a variety of industries.

Lootah elaborated on the broader organisational strategy, citing the expansion of business councils as instrumental in fortifying cross-border partnerships, fostering growth, and amplifying the scope of trade and investment interactions between Dubai and key global markets.

Dubai Chambers, in its ongoing endeavours, prioritises the proliferation of business councils representing diverse nationalities of investors in the emirate. This initiative seeks to galvanise support for member companies venturing into global markets while addressing the evolving needs of business councils in realising collective objectives.

In essence, the establishment of the Greek Business Council signifies a concerted effort to bolster economic synergies between Dubai and Greece, fostering an environment conducive to sustained growth, innovation, and collaboration across various sectors.

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