UAE Announces Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone Expansion Blueprint

During the "Big 5" exhibition, Abu Dhabi Airports unveiled their strategic vision for the development of the Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone.

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A crucial part of the ongoing expansion of the logistics complex is the installation of light industrial units, which is part of this overall development agenda.

Details of the expansion:

The extension plan entails the building of light industrial units covering an extended area of 200,000 square feet, marking the second phase of the logistics complex's growth. This effort, which is located close to the cargo building on the southern side, demonstrates Abu Dhabi Airports' dedication to meeting the growing demand from SMEs for affordable and adaptable solutions within the free zone.

Objective and Ideal Renters:

The main objective of implementing these light industrial units is to meet the demands of SMEs by providing them with scalable solutions that can help them expand and grow. Units like these are tailored to meet the needs of a wide variety of tenants, including those in the assembly sector, light industry, shipping agencies, logistics firms, IT services, consumer and retail businesses, and airport support services.

Perspectives on Strategy:

The Chief Commercial Officer of Abu Dhabi Airports, Maureen Bannerman, spoke highly of the free zone's encouraging development phase. In response to client demands, the free zone plans to strengthen its infrastructure solutions, which it oversees across three free zones and airports, which include over 1,000 real estate units and over 100 industrial units.

Schedule and Building Documents:

Upon gaining the necessary permits for the master plan, the Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone is planned to commence the project to develop light industrial units in 2024. An important step toward expanding and improving the free zone's capabilities, the construction is expected to take 12 to 18 months.

By focusing on the development of light industrial units, Abu Dhabi Airports is showing its dedication to creating a flexible and dynamic environment for enterprises in the free zone. Abu Dhabi's thriving business landscape is home to a wide variety of industries, and this growth demonstrates the organization's commitment to aiding SMEs.

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