The UAE announces good news regarding employee scholarship initiatives

The Fujairah Government Excellence Program has unveiled plans to send its employees to the United Kingdom for a two-week training program on "Strategic Leadership in the Age of Turbulence."

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Strategic leadership training in the UK

This initiative, conducted in collaboration with the Saeed Business School at the University of Oxford, aims to foster the development of future leaders within the Fujairah government.

Commitment to Excellence and Leadership

Dr. Sulaiman Al Kaabi, Director of the Fujairah Government Excellence Program, emphasized the program's dedication to achieving high levels of excellence and leadership in the government's various departments and institutions. The focus is on deploying a strategy aimed at enhancing human capital through specialized training initiatives. These programs are designed to elevate employee efficiency and improve overall institutional performance.

Goals of the Leadership Development Program

The program is strategically crafted to nurture future leaders, equipping participants with essential skills and tools to navigate challenges and turbulence in contemporary business environments. Dr. Al Kaabi highlighted the program's objectives, emphasizing its role in enhancing participants' strategic leadership capabilities. This involves an understanding of the impact of turbulence on business operations and the development of skills for planning and making strategic decisions in such dynamic circumstances.

Key Components of the Program

The training sessions are designed to cover a variety of topics that are critical to leaders, such as effective self-leadership, strategic thinking, strategic competence, and decision-making in the face of risks and uncertainties. Particular focus is placed on subjects like developing emotional resilience and recognizing the body language of leaders.

Strategic Shift for Government Services

Dr. Al Kaabi underscored that the Fujairah Government Excellence Program is actively working towards a transformative shift in providing government services in the emirate. The aim is to contribute to the pillars of development outlined in the Fujairah plan and its strategic transformation. This involves a commitment to nurturing distinguished leaders who can align local institutions with the best international practices, fostering innovative applications across various domains.

International Collaboration for Innovation

The partnership with the Saeed Business School at the University of Oxford reflects the program's commitment to leveraging global expertise. The endeavor seeks not only to enrich leadership capabilities but also to position Fujairah's institutions in alignment with international standards and innovative approaches.

Advancing Leadership for Strategic Transformation

The collaboration between Oxford University and the Fujairah Government Excellence Program represents a crucial initiative aimed at enhancing leadership capabilities in response to contemporary challenges. The primary goal of the program is to elevate government services by incorporating innovative approaches and aligning Fujairah with international standards through strategic training for upcoming leaders. This initiative is in harmony with the broader objective of supporting the emirate's strategic transformation and fostering sustained long-term growth.

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