UAE announces a 25% surge in DEWA digital transaction activity

In a testament to its commitment to advancing digital services, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) disclosed that its customers executed approximately 12.5 million digital transactions throughout 2023.

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This marked a significant uptick from the roughly 10 million digital transactions recorded in the preceding year, showcasing a remarkable 25% increase.

Supporting Dubai's Smart City Aspirations

The surge in digital transactions underscores DEWA's pivotal role in aligning with the visionary leadership's goal of positioning Dubai as the smartest and happiest city globally. This achievement solidifies DEWA's standing as a key player in realizing the ambitious vision for the city's digital transformation.

Breakdown of digital transactions

With over 2.1 million transactions made online, over 3.2 million through the smart application, and an astounding 6.8 million through various digital channels in partnership with DEWA's partners, DEWA's customers participated in a wide range of digital transactions.

Embracing Fourth Industrial Revolution Technologies

The MD and CEO of DEWA, Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, underlined the organization's dedication to offering smooth, safe, and real-time services via a range of digital platforms. In order to realize this pledge, cutting-edge technologies from the Fourth Industrial Revolution, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI), will be utilized. This will help to create a smart and connected environment.

Digital Integration and Smart Adoption Milestones

DEWA's advanced digital infrastructure has played a pivotal role in achieving a remarkable smart adoption rate of 99.62%. Furthermore, the authority successfully integrated over 90 projects digitally with 65 government and private organizations by the close of 2023.

Innovative Sustainability Services

DEWA provides cutting-edge sustainability services in addition to utility services. For example, the Smart Living project offers exclusive deals through the DEWA shop, monitoring of consumption, and comparisons with high-efficiency homes. These projects attempt to foster smart and sustainable living practices among the citizens of Dubai.

DEWA's stellar performance in digital transactions and its ongoing commitment to technological advancements underscore its integral role in propelling Dubai towards becoming a leading smart city on the global stage.

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