UAE: A Khaleeji man was fined DH3,400 for injuring 4 Asians in a road accident

In a harrowing incident on Jebel Ali Lahbab Street, a Gulf driver caused a serious collision that resulted in injuries to four individuals of Asian nationality.

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The driver's vehicle veered suddenly from its lane, crashing into the car occupied by the victims.

Dubai's Public Prosecution swiftly took action, referring the driver to Traffic Court on four charges. These included causing harm to others' safety due to the accident, damaging the victims' property (their vehicle), driving an uninsured vehicle on a public road, and operating a vehicle with an expired license. The legal papers outlined the sequence of events, attributing the accident to a series of mistakes by the driver, such as disregarding the circumstances and failing to exercise due caution while driving, ultimately leading to the abrupt lane change that precipitated the collision.

The court, upon reviewing the evidence, found the accusations against the driver to be well-founded. This conclusion was supported by the arrest report, expert assessments conducted at the accident scene, and testimony from Dubai Police officers. Eyewitnesses corroborated that the collision occurred due to the driver's sudden deviation from his lane, causing his vehicle to collide with the victims' car, which was traveling in the correct direction.

Consequently, the court rendered its verdict in absentia, imposing fines totaling 3,000 dirhams for the first two charges and 400 dirhams for the remaining two charges. However, the legal proceedings did not conclude there. The Public Prosecution decided to appeal the ruling, seeking a more severe penalty and the suspension of the driver's license. The case was brought before the Court of Appeal, where it was noted that the appeal had been filed in a timely manner. However, it was also determined that the appeal was premature, as the convicted individual still had the opportunity to oppose the ruling. Therefore, the Court of Appeal could not legally adjudicate the appeal until the opposition period had expired.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of adhering to traffic regulations and exercising caution while driving. It also underscores the legal consequences that may follow in the event of negligence resulting in harm to others on the road. As the legal proceedings continue, the victims and their families await further resolution and justice in the aftermath of this unfortunate collision.

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