UAE: 3,800 job opportunities are now available for citizens in Abu Dhabi health sector

The Department of Health in Abu Dhabi has announced the creation of 3,800 new job opportunities for citizens in healthcare facilities in the emirate for the years 2024–2025.

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This initiative follows the successful recruitment of over 1,200 male and female citizens in the past six months. The department has urged healthcare facilities to work towards achieving empowerment goals within their health and administrative staff.

The department emphasized the importance of compliance with the planned increase in emigration goals. This involves an annual increase of 1% for the healthcare workforce and a 2% annual increase for the administrative workforce. As the regulatory body for the healthcare sector in Abu Dhabi, the department aims to support facilities in achieving these targets to enhance the proportion of qualified national medical personnel and solidify Abu Dhabi's position as a leading global healthcare destination.

In response to frequently asked queries regarding health facilities, the Department has outlined the development of the "Emiratization Index" to categorize health professionals into four distinct groups. These include Category (A), characterized by an Emiratisation rate exceeding 10% among health cadres; Category (B), featuring an Emiratisation rate of health cadres surpassing 5% but less than 10%; Category (C), showcasing an Emiratisation rate for health personnel exceeding 1% but less than 5%; and lastly, Category (D), where the Emiratisation rate for health personnel is below 1%.
Health facilities are encouraged to register on government platforms like "Tamm," "Nafis," and "Kawader" to access services for job seekers and publish available job positions. The department also encourages coordination for open working days with local entities such as "Mawaheb." Citizens seeking employment in healthcare facilities are advised to register on government employment websites "Nafs," "Tamm," and "Kawader" before December 30, 2024, which is the deadline for the goals of the first phase of emigration.

The department is collaborating closely with healthcare providers to increase emulation rates in medical professions, including doctors, nursing staff, and allied health professions, as well as in administrative staff. This aligns with efforts to provide the healthcare sector with national talents, achieve empowerment goals, and ensure sustainability.

Emiratisation rates apply to all health facilities licensed by the Department of Health, and the mechanism for monitoring compliance involves five stages, including license renewals, new license grants, insurance contract renewals, insurance contract approvals, and audit and inspection visits.

The department's commitment to establishing a sustainable healthcare system with experienced and specialized national staff is evident in its ongoing efforts to achieve and exceed Emiratization goals in the sector. The recruitment of 1,200 citizens in the past six months has contributed to a 12% annual increase in national cadres within the health sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Moreover, the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi is actively working towards bolstering Emiratization in healthcare, aiming to create a robust and sustainable healthcare workforce to meet the growing demands of the emirate.

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