UAE: 70,000 Paid Parking Spaces, 301 Investment Yards Established in Sharjah

The Director of the Public Parking Department at the Sharjah City Municipality, Hamid Al Qaed, has announced that the city now boasts a total of 70,000 public parking spaces, strategically located throughout various areas.

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Al Qaed highlighted the municipality's commitment to expansion, aligning with annual plans to introduce new fee-based parking lots. These efforts aim to accommodate the emirate's urban and population growth, the flourishing tourism sector, and increased commercial activity.

Emphasizing the importance of adhering to parking regulations, Al Qaed noted that approximately 95% of users comply with the rules, underscoring the awareness and responsibility demonstrated by the public. The municipality has implemented flexible channels to facilitate service access for different groups, while continuous awareness campaigns aim to educate users.

Al Qaed identified several negative behaviors that the municipality consistently warns against. These include parking without payment, reserving multiple spaces, obstructing traffic, standing in prohibited areas, and other actions that disrupt the functionality of parking lots and pose safety hazards. To counter these violations, the municipality actively monitors and implements measures to preserve the cultural and aesthetic appearance of the emirate.

Furthermore, the municipality is taking steps to close unused dirt yards where negative behaviors, such as leaving vehicles for extended periods, random parking, and the creation of informal markets, have been observed. The closure aims to eliminate disturbances to the general appearance of the city. Al Qaed clarified that no parking lot is closed without ensuring there are sufficient regular parking spaces available in the respective area.

In line with efforts to enhance the emirate's attractiveness for tourists, residents, and investors, the Sharjah City Municipality has created 301 licensed investment squares, providing around 24,000 parking spaces. These initiatives reflect the municipality's commitment to addressing the needs of the growing population, promoting urban development, and maintaining the cultural and aesthetic appeal of Sharjah.

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