UAE: 2,000 people and 750 vehicles at the "Iftar Bowl" in Sharjah Desert

A traditional Iftar celebration in the desert in Dubai, which people lovingly refer to as the "Iftar Bowl," drew around 2,000 people and 750 cars to a dune in Sharjah.

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This yearly event, which is organized by the Arabian Offroaders group and enthusiastically welcomed by off-road enthusiasts, provides a distinctive way to observe Ramadan and promotes community solidarity.

The inception of this cherished tradition dates back to 1991, when a group of adventurous off-roaders stumbled upon a captivating landscape during a desert expedition. Discovering a vast, bowl-shaped depression atop a formidable dune, they shared an Iftar meal together, marking the beginning of a beloved custom. Over the years, this dune has earned the moniker "Iftar Bowl," serving as the iconic venue for this annual gathering.

The allure of the Iftar Bowl lies not only in its breathtaking scenery but also in its ability to accommodate large gatherings, providing ample space for families and off-roading communities to come together. Beyond serving as a venue for Iftar, the event fosters a sense of camaraderie and connection among attendees, transcending boundaries of nationality and background.

Each year, off-roading clubs from across the UAE, including Abu Dhabi 4X4, Dubai Off-roaders, and Desert Nation, unite to celebrate the holy month as a cohesive community. Organized into smaller convoy groups based on skill level, participants embark on adventurous drives through the desert before converging at the Iftar Bowl for the breaking of the fast.

Despite the influx of vehicles, a spirit of respect and responsibility prevails, with attendees bringing their own Iftar meals and engaging in food exchanges that symbolize unity and sharing. As the sun sets, signaling the Maghrib prayer time, participants gather for collective prayers, followed by socializing over tea and coffee.

Some people choose to continue the celebration into the night, planning thrilling drives that culminate with Suhoor, the pre-dawn supper before the fast the following day. The success of the Iftar Bowl is credited to the commitment of off-roading enthusiasts as well as the assistance of local government officials and the Rifadah community, whose hospitality guarantees the annual continuation of this beloved tradition.

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