UAE: 18 billion-dollar plan for 144 development projects

The UAE Authority has approved a massive budget of about AED66 billion ($18 billion) with the goal of expanding a number of industries, including housing and quality of life, tourism, education and human capital, and the development of natural resources.

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A significant portion of the budget, more than AED59 billion ($16.1 billion), has been allocated to bolster the housing sector by establishing diverse housing and public facilities across the emirate. This comprehensive initiative encompasses the development of entire communities, integrating a wide range of amenities and services.

Furthermore, about AED4 billion ($1.1 billion) has been earmarked for enhancing education and human capital, followed by over AED1.1 billion ($299.4 million) to boost tourism in the emirate. Additionally, an estimated AED50 million ($13.6 million) has been designated for projects aimed at enhancing natural resources within the emirate.

Mohamed Ali Al Shorafa, Chairman of the Department of Municipalities and Transport in Abu Dhabi, emphasised the authority's commitment to excellence in development projects, aiming to inspire a future where innovation aligns with purpose, fostering prosperity and sustainability. As part of these efforts, nearly 13,000 housing units will be developed in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Dhafra, streamlining the allocation process for government housing beneficiaries and reducing waiting times.

Furthermore, the all-encompassing plan goes beyond infrastructure to emphasise strengthening social relations through the incorporation of improvements into public areas like mosques, community and sports centres, shops, and facilities for law enforcement and civil defence, to name a few. By meeting the many requirements of the local population and fostering a lively sense of community, these developments hope to increase public participation and wellbeing.

These bold measures, according to Maysarah Mahmoud Eid, Acting Director General of ADPIC, are a comprehensive roadmap for effectively managing the emirate's expansion, promoting sustainable development, improving the general quality of life, and meeting the changing needs of its diverse population.

To encourage leisure activities and a better way of life for locals, the plan also calls for building and improving parks, public areas, pathways, playgrounds, and specialised cycle lanes. In order to promote economic development, community well-being, and environmental preservation, investments will also be made in education, cultural attractions, vocational training, and the emirate's natural resources.

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