The UAE seizes more than 900 companies violating Emiratisation rules

A firm warning was given by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE) to private sector enterprises with fifty or more workers to complete their Emiratization goals by the December 31st deadline.

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916 Companies Violate Emiratisation Rules, Hiring 1,411 UAE Nationals

About 916 companies have been identified for violating emancipation rules since mid-2022, engaging in practices such as attempting to circumvent targets and creating bogus positions to inflate numbers. These companies collectively hired 1,411 UAE nationals.

Fines begin in January 2024 for firms missing 2023 targets.

Annual Emiratization objectives will be subject to fines beginning in January 2024 for enterprises that do not reach them. Employing 2% more Emiratis in specialised occupations is the current target for 2023. From now until 2026, businesses are required to hire 2% more Emiratis, with a target of 4% in 2023.

Benefits and Privileges for Companies Joining the Emiratisation Partners Club

The fines for non-compliance increase each year, with companies facing a penalty of Dh7,000 per month per Emirati not hired in 2023. This amounts to an annual fine of Dh84,000 per unemployed citizen for companies falling short of the targets.

To assist companies in meeting their commitments, the MoHRE encourages the use of the Nafis platform. This platform provides access to a substantial pool of qualified UAE citizens with expertise in various sectors to fill vacant positions.

The ministry emphasised the positive impact of Emiratization efforts, noting that over 18,000 companies have contributed to an unprecedented increase in the number of UAE citizens joining the private sector. Currently, over 88,000 Emiratis are employed in various roles across the country.

Furthermore, the MoHRE highlighted the benefits and privileges extended to companies that join the Emiratization Partners Club. These include significant reductions of up to 80 percent in MoHRE's service fees, priority status in the government procurement system, and access to benefits from the Nafis programme for both companies and individuals.

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