UAE Unveils Seven Types of Residency Visas

The UAE Digital Government has outlined seven distinct types of residence visas catering to various purposes such as work, study, investment, retirement, and family reunification.

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These include the coveted golden residency, work residency, remote work residency, retired expatriate residency, business establishment residency, study residency, and family residency.

Golden Residency

A guarantor is not needed for residents or prospective residents to live, work, invest, or pursue education under the terms of the long-term golden residence, which is intended for particular categories. Investors, entrepreneurs, extraordinary talents, scholars, specialists, first-year students and graduates, pioneers in humanitarian activity, and front-line defence troops are among the qualifying groups.

Work Residency

There are three categories of work residency visas: green residence, normal work visa, and auxiliary service worker. The green residency visa, which has a five-year validity period, is granted to skilled workers, whereas the normal work visa serves foreign nationals working in a variety of industries. The third category deals with household or domestic employees.

Remote Work Residency

For a year, international nationals working outside the UAE are able to legally remain in the nation thanks to the virtual work visa. Subject to certain restrictions, it permits immigration, residency, and remote labour for an employer located outside the nation.

Retired Expatriates Residency

For individuals aged 55 and above, a five-year residence visa is available for retired expatriates.

Business Establishment Residency

A green residency visa is available to investors who set up or engage in business activity in the United Arab Emirates.

Study Residency

With this visa, students can live in the United Arab Emirates for academic purposes. They can be sponsored by a parent who already resides there, or they can get a guarantee from the recognised institution or university where they are enrolled. Prominent scholars may be eligible for a 10-year golden residency visa.

Family Residency

Individuals with a valid residency permit, be they workers, investors, or business owners, are permitted to bring their family members into the United Arab Emirates. The required monthly minimum pay is 4,000 dirhams, or 3,000 dirhams if housing is included. Family members who are older than 18 will have a specific medical fitness assessment. The length of validity differs depending on the kind of visa.

Residency Benefits

The ability to open a bank account, obtain financial services, apply for a driver's licence, access government health services and insurance, enrol children in schools, pursue employment and investment opportunities, and travel to specific locations without a prior visa or with one upon arrival are just a few of the many benefits that come with having a valid UAE residence visa.

These diverse visa categories cater to the multifaceted needs of individuals, promoting inclusivity and providing a comprehensive framework for legal residence in the UAE.

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