The UAE government approves a $17.7 billion Abu Dhabi spending plan

Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council, has approved a significant investment plan totaling more than AED65 billion ($17.7 billion) for the launch of new capital projects.

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He issued directions to accelerate the Emirati culture and heritage ecosystem in Abu Dhabi, in addition to approving the budget.

142 New Capital Projects

Sheikh Khaled has allotted funds for 142 innovative capital projects in Abu Dhabi under this massive budget. He emphasizes the leadership's commitment to prioritizing and advancing projects that promote infrastructure development, stressing that these initiatives are designed to be in line with citizens' desires. The main objective is to establish a community environment that is sustainable and promotes the stability and unity of Emirati society.

Advancing the Cultural Heritage Ecosystem

Sheikh Khaled's instructions go beyond large-scale undertakings. He has presented a plan to improve the sustainable environment of cultural treasures in the emirate. This entails capitalizing on the popularity of current festivals, exhibitions, and heritage initiatives. All age groups are to benefit from the preservation and reinforcement of national identity and Emirati cultural heritage. The focus is on incorporating future generations' upbringing with Emirati values, customs, and traditions.

Conserving Emirati Heritage

A key aspect of Sheikh Khaled's vision is the focused effort on conserving Emirati heritage and upholding national identity. This involves increasing awareness of national traditions and empowering local talent within the sector. The aim is to embed UAE cultural heritage among the youth, fostering a sense of pride and connection to their roots.

Future Vision and Hazardous Materials Management

Sheikh Khaled highlights the deep-rooted belief that heritage is crucial for building both the present and the future. To align with this vision, plans include the establishment of the Abu Dhabi Hazardous Materials Management Center. This center aims to develop a robust framework for handling hazardous materials effectively. Coordination among relevant authorities will enhance planning and response efforts, aligning with international best practices.

Commitment to the Community and Environment

Throughout the meeting, Sheikh Khaled reiterated the leadership's ongoing commitment to providing the highest levels of protection for the community and the environment. These measures collectively seek to build a future where the nation's cultural heritage stands as a source of pride and inspiration for all.

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