The UAE exempts four categories from the new provisions of the Pension Law

The General Pension and Social Security Authority has outlined four specific categories that fall outside the scope of the recently enacted Pension Law No. 57 of 2023.

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Exclusions under the New Pension Law

The Authority clarified that the new law does not encompass individuals employed prior to October 31 or pensioners who started receiving pensions before the mentioned date. Even if a pensioner re-enters the workforce under the new law, they remain governed by the provisions of the old law, No. 7 of 1999.

Additionally, the new law excludes citizens who received end-of-service gratuities before October 31, 2023. Retired ministers before the specified date are also not covered by the new law, even if they resume work under its provisions, as the old law remains applicable to them.

Insights from the Employers' Forum

These clarifications were provided during the Employers' Forum, which served as a platform to introduce and discuss the implications of the new Pensions and Social Security Law No. 57 of 2023. The forum aimed to address queries and provide insights into the application and exemptions under the updated pension regulations.

The Importance of Clearly Defined Exclusions

Transparency and comprehension require that the new pension law's exemption categories be defined clearly. As a result, people who fall into the designated groups will be well-informed on the rules and regulations that regulate their pension benefits and obligations.

The New Pension Law No. 57 of 2023

The introduction of the new pension law represents a significant legislative development in the realm of social security in the UAE. As the country evolves and adapts its legal framework to meet the changing needs of the workforce, forums such as the Employers' Forum play a crucial role in disseminating information and fostering clarity among employers and employees alike.

By clearly outlining the exclusions under the new law, the General Pension and Social Security Authority aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of its scope and applicability, contributing to a more informed and compliant workforce.

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