Dubai Customs busts 8.9kg marijuana smuggling attempt at airport

An expat trying to smuggle 8.9 kilograms of marijuana was recently apprehended by authorities at Dubai International Airport.

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The tourist, who was coming from an Asian country, caused a stir during a standard security check since authorities noticed an unusual density in his baggage.

Security Check Raises Alarm

The vigilant security officials, equipped with advanced screening technology, identified the irregular density in the bag, prompting a closer inspection of the passenger and their belongings.

Manual Search Reveals Contraband

Upon closer examination, Dubai Customs officers manually searched the passenger, who exhibited signs of confusion during the process. The search revealed a powder substance in the bag, with the accused initially claiming it to be henna powder.

Seizure and Handover to Authorities

Subsequent investigation and testing confirmed that the powder was, in fact, marijuana. The 8.9kg of illegal substance was promptly seized by Dubai Customs and handed over to the General Directorate of Anti-Narcotics at Dubai Police for further legal proceedings.

Director Highlights Customs Vigilance

According to Ibrahim Al Kamali, Director of the Passenger Operations Department at Dubai Customs, the customs authority plays a crucial role in thwarting attempts at smuggling through its several channels. This occurrence proves that the department's use of cutting-edge technology, new electronic services, and AI in its inspection procedures is effective.

Protecting the community

The need to be vigilant has been highlighted by Al Kamali, particularly in light of the increasing number of travelers coming to Dubai. To ensure the safety of the community and the region as a whole, the customs department will continue to use cutting-edge technology and methods to prevent the illegal transfer of banned drugs.

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