The Dubai Public Prosecution cautions against teenage privacy violations

The Dubai Public Prosecution issued a warning regarding the online activities of adolescents, emphasising the perils associated with virtual engagement through the internet and social media platforms.

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In its segment titled "Crime and Lesson," it highlighted a case involving a teenage girl who was implicated in a privacy violation offense. The girl persisted in posting a picture of another girl despite objections from the latter's family, leading to her referral to the Juvenile Court.

According to the public prosecutor, the 17-year-old girl sought solace behind digital screens to alleviate the void in her life. Succumbing to addiction to social media networks, she crafted a virtual persona far removed from reality, curating images and videos of others to populate her various online accounts. This behaviour stemmed from feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Family members of the girl observed her gradual withdrawal from familial interactions, coupled with a reluctance to attend events. While they initially attributed this behaviour to typical adolescent tendencies and academic diligence, they failed to recognise the extent of her detachment from reality and the potential negative consequences of her actions. Unaware of the dangers inherent in publishing others' photos to construct misleading impressions, they overlooked the significance of her actions.

The situation escalated when the girl received a request to remove a photo from her account, purportedly belonging to another individual. Instead of complying, she exhibited defiance and dismissiveness, refusing to acknowledge the legal and ethical ramifications of her actions. Subsequently, the brother of the individual in the photo reported the incident to the authorities, citing a breach of privacy and harm inflicted upon his family. Legal proceedings ensued, leading to the girl's referral to the juvenile court on charges of privacy violation.

The Dubai Public Prosecution stressed the importance of respecting individuals' privacy rights on social media platforms. While photo exchanges among friends are permissible, it emphasises the necessity of obtaining consent and respecting the boundaries of others to avoid legal repercussions.

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