Sheikh Hamdan approves 530 million AED for the Dubai Schools project expansion

In line with the "Dubai Social Agenda 33" initiated by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has given approval for a substantial expansion project for "Dubai Schools," valued at 530 million dirhams.

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The initiative, part of broader plans for Dubai's social, human, and economic development, aims to uphold the highest international educational standards in the emirate.

The expansion project encompasses the construction of a new school in Al Khawaneej and the expansion of the Al Barsha branch, resulting in an addition of over 6,400 school seats, 247 classrooms, and 123 laboratories. This move is geared towards augmenting the overall capacity of the "Dubai Schools" project to 15,000 seats by the year 2033.

Sheikh Hamdan emphasized the integral role of education in Dubai's comprehensive development, stating that knowledge is the core of social and economic progress. He highlighted the vision of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, aiming to establish an educational renaissance that empowers generations with knowledge, values, and identity.

The continuous development of education aligns with Dubai's future ambitions, aspiring to position itself among the top 10 cities globally in terms of education quality. Sheikh Hamdan stressed the importance of "Dubai Schools" in supporting Dubai Social Agenda 33, emphasizing their role in building cohesive, tolerant, and united families in the emirate.

The "Dubai Schools" project, considered a strategic national educational model, strives to provide a unique and innovative Emirati schooling experience adhering to global standards. It focuses on values, skills, and the development of students' potential, fostering generations prepared for future challenges and opportunities.

Recent developments include the establishment of a new school in Al Khawaneej, designed to international educational standards, offering 4,028 additional seats. The school features modern facilities, including classrooms, laboratories, and sports amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and football fields.

Simultaneously, the expansion project for the Al Barsha branch aims to provide 2,408 additional seats, accompanied by sports facilities, gyms, and an expanded library. These projects are anticipated to be completed and operational in the 2024–2025 academic year, managed jointly by the Knowledge Fund Foundation and Dubai Municipality.

"Dubai Schools" represents a vibrant learning community fostering student growth through a curriculum focused on instilling a love for learning, cognitive curiosity, and creative thinking. The initiative enjoys support from various entities contributing to fees and grants, emphasizing the values of cooperation, partnership, and investment in human development. The school system prioritizes large green spaces, ample natural lighting, and shared learning areas, providing students with a holistic and continuous learning experience both inside and outside the classroom.

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