Abu Dhabi court orders a young man to pay 360,000 AED for a breach of trust case

The Abu Dhabi Family, Civil, and Administrative Claims Court has ruled that a young man is obligated to repay a sum of 360,000 dirhams to a girl he deceived by posing as an investment expert.

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The court determined that he had duped her into investing 500,000 dirhams in digital currencies under the false promise of significant monthly returns.

In this legal case, the girl filed a lawsuit against the young man, seeking a total of 344,000 dirhams in compensation. She also demanded monthly profits of 25,000 dirhams, along with fees, expenses, and compensation, with the ruling taking immediate effect. The defendant initially deceived the girl by expressing a desire to marry her. Subsequently, he persuaded her to invest in digital currencies, receiving 500,000 dirhams to deposit into her account. However, he only deposited 20,000 dollars and failed to return the remaining 344,000 dirhams. The girl reported the incident, resulting in a criminal conviction for the defendant, who did not appear in court despite the announcement.

The court clarified that the unlawful act leading to the criminal case mirrored the basis of the civil case, emphasizing its obligation to prove the error and attribute it to the perpetrators. According to the Civil Transactions Law, taking another person's money without a legitimate reason is not permitted, and if taken, it must be returned. The court acknowledged the plaintiff's request to compel the defendant to return the unlawfully embezzled amounts, supported by the criminal ruling stating that the defendant seized 344,000 dirhams belonging to the plaintiff.

Regarding the plaintiff's additional claim for 25,000 dirhams as compensation for monthly profits, the court recognized the defendant's mistake, causing material and moral damages. These damages included the plaintiff's deprivation of benefits from the seized amount, resulting in the loss of earnings and other aspects of her life. The court deemed 16,000 dirhams as sufficient compensation for all material and moral damages, ultimately ruling that the defendant must pay the plaintiff 360,000 dirhams and cover the associated fees and expenses.

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