UAE Court fines a gym 30,000 AED in compensation for an injury case

The Abu Dhabi Family, Civil, and Administrative Claims Court has mandated a gym to compensate a young man with 30,000 dirhams for injuries sustained during exercise due to the poor condition of the sports equipment.

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The plaintiff filed a lawsuit seeking 420,000 dirhams in compensation for material and moral damages, along with additional fees and expenses. The incident occurred at the gym owned by the second defendant, where the lack of maintenance on the iron exercise equipment led to a rope connected to the weights breaking. Consequently, the device fell on the plaintiff, causing injuries to his head, neck, and shoulder. In absentia, the defendant was convicted and fined 10,000 dirhams.

The court, in its ruling, highlighted that the defendant's negligence, as established in the criminal judgment, aligned with the basis of the plaintiff's claim for compensation. The court underscored the principle outlined in the Civil Transactions Law, stating that any harm to others obligates the perpetrator, regardless of awareness, to guarantee compensation for the harm caused. The court affirmed that the defendants' fault was proven based on the criminal ruling, and this fault resulted in the plaintiff's injuries, triggering their liability.

The material damage suffered by the plaintiff, as outlined in the medical report, constituted the physical pain he endured. Additionally, a penal report was initiated by the police transport department in response to the incident. The court acknowledged the moral damage inflicted on the plaintiff, including feelings of sadness and sorrow, along with fear, during and after the occurrence. Consequently, the court ruled that the two defendants are obliged to pay the joint plaintiff 30,000 dirhams as compensation for both material and moral damages. Furthermore, the defendants are mandated to cover the associated fees and expenses incurred during the legal proceedings.

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