UAE authority issues 300 certificates for damaged shops and vehicles; shelters 707 affected individuals

The Sharjah Police General Command acknowledged the positive impact of community members' adherence to public safety guidelines issued by the country's security authorities in mitigating the damage caused by recent heavy rains.

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The effective response during the weather event highlighted the community's cooperation and commitment to safety measures. By adhering to guidelines set by security authorities, residents played a crucial role in minimizing the impact of adverse weather conditions. This collaboration was evident in the significant increase in calls received by the Sharjah Police operations room, demonstrating a proactive approach to reporting emergencies and seeking assistance.

The issuance of over 300 certificates for damaged shops and vehicles reflects both the scale of the weather-related challenges faced and the swift response by authorities to address them. Compared to previous years, this surge in certificate issuance underscores a growing awareness among individuals of the importance of complying with safety regulations during inclement weather.

The success of the security plan was a result of meticulous coordination and readiness measures taken by Sharjah Police and other relevant agencies. With a heightened state of preparedness and effective communication channels in place, emergency response efforts were able to handle the influx of calls and provide timely assistance to those in need.

In addition to emergency response, traffic management played a crucial role in ensuring the safety and mobility of residents during the weather event. Intensified patrols and traffic control measures helped maintain order on both internal and external roads, preventing congestion and facilitating the smooth flow of traffic despite challenging conditions.

Furthermore, the provision of shelter for individuals whose homes were damaged by heavy rains reflects the commitment of authorities to prioritize the well-being of affected residents. By offering safe accommodations, Sharjah Police demonstrated their dedication to ensuring the safety and security of all community members.

Overall, the successful handling of the weather situation underscored the importance of community engagement, effective coordination among authorities, and proactive measures to mitigate risks and minimize damage during adverse weather events.

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