UAE: Hailstorm Causes Damage to Cars, Schools, and Stores in Al Ain

The recent hailstorm in Al Ain, which inundated the city with icy stones, left many residents grappling with unprecedented damage to their properties and vehicles.

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Expatriates who have called Garden City home for decades described the intensity of the storm as unlike anything experienced in recent memory.

Lijesh Premlal, an Indian resident with 40 years of experience living in Al-Ain, was shocked by the magnitude of the hailstorm. He remarked that the event was the heaviest he had witnessed in all his years in the city. Surveying the aftermath outside his home, Lijesh was dismayed to find numerous cars, including his own, with cracked roofs and windows due to the impact of the hail. The damage extended beyond vehicles, with shop windows and signboards also bearing the brunt of the storm.

As the owner of an interior contracting business, Lijesh wasted no time contacting his insurance company to report the damages. However, he anticipated delays due to the overwhelming volume of claims expected following the storm. Throughout the city, reports emerged of uprooted trees, malfunctioning traffic lights, and waterlogged roads, exacerbating the challenges posed by the extreme weather conditions.

Despite the widespread destruction, residents found solace in the timely emergency alerts issued by authorities, which helped prevent unnecessary traffic congestion and potential hazards on the roads. Mubarak Mustafa, a longtime resident and former president of the Indian Social Centre, likened the hailstorm to an unprecedented event, remarking on the surreal sight of ice-covered wadis behind his home. Unfortunately, his own vehicle, along with many others in his neighborhood, suffered damage to the side mirrors and windows.

Overall, the hailstorm left a lasting impact on Al Ain, prompting residents to grapple with the aftermath and seek recourse for the damages incurred during the extraordinary weather event.

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