Dubai Authority reveals some driving tips for road safety in Holy Month

During Ramadan, Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) advises motorists to refrain from driving if they feel tired or drowsy, as some drivers may experience decreased attentiveness due to changes in eating and sleeping patterns during this holy month.

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To address this concern, RTA is initiating an awareness campaign to provide essential driving tips throughout Ramadan as part of its annual traffic safety efforts aligned with Dubai's traffic safety strategy.

The campaign urges drivers to embody the spirit of Ramadan by improving their behavior on the roads, including adhering to traffic regulations and respecting the rights of other road users. RTA highlights the dangers of driving while fatigued, citing a study indicating that a five-second doze-off behind the wheel is equivalent to driving blind for over 180 meters.

Throughout 2023, RTA conducted over 270 awareness events aimed at enhancing traffic safety, contributing to a significant reduction in traffic-related fatalities by approximately 93% from 2007 to 2023. This achievement has positioned Dubai as a leading city globally in traffic safety.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Interior and other stakeholders, the RTA has approved various awareness activities for Ramadan, aiming to disseminate safety messages widely. These efforts include distributing awareness leaflets with iftar meals and placing banners at iftar tents across Dubai. Partnerships with government and private entities, such as the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities, Damac Properties, and others, enhance the campaign's reach and effectiveness.

The campaign emphasizes the importance of maintaining concentration while driving, especially during Ramadan, when fasting individuals may experience changes in sleep and work routines, affecting their ability to focus. RTA encourages drivers to manage their schedules to ensure they are well-rested before driving. If feeling sleepy or fatigued, drivers are advised to stop at a safe location to rest before continuing their journey.

Moreover, RTA urges motorists to maintain a safe distance between vehicles and remain vigilant of others' driving errors to safely avoid accidents. The campaign concludes with wishes for accepted fasting and safe journeys for all drivers during Ramadan.

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